1. Accounts

The owner of an account is always the owner of the email address registered in the game account.

An account can only be played by one player. The only exception to this is notification account keeper.

Changing accounts in a universe is done with the help of game operators. After an account change, at least 1 month must have passed for the account to be transferred again.

The new account owner must change their email address within 12 hours of transfer.

2. Multi Accounts

Each player can only play with one account per universe. Two or more accounts; If it is played occasionally, usually or continuously over the same internet network (schools, universities, internet cafes, etc.), the relevant phase should be reported to the game operators. Fleet movements cannot be made between accounts connected from the same IP and also other similarities between these accounts are not allowed. You can communicate with game operators via SUPPORT SYSTEM.

3. Account Care

This involves viewing an account by another player. For this, the game operator must be notified through the Support system prior to the start of account maintenance.

An account can be left to the caregiver for a maximum of 1 day (24 hours). If the real owner of the account enters the game before 24 hours, the keeper period ends.

No fleet movements can be made on accounts in the maintainer. However, in the event of attacks to loot the keeper account or destroy their fleets, deployment to a planet or moon belonging to the keeper account is permitted to protect the fleets. Caregiver can spend resources (mines) only on research and building ranks. It cannot use resources in fleet and defense unit production. (Except for moon destruction attacks)

In order to keeper an account, there should not be any keeper done to this account in the last 7 days.

4. Attack and Espionage Rules

A player's planet and moon cannot be attacked more than 6 times in 24 hours, counting separately. The attacks cannot exceed 30 (thirty) attacks in total. (Including moon destruction attacks)

If the attack was not attacked or lost, it is not counted from the attack limit. Moon trials (Max. 10,000 Light Hunters) with players in your alliance or friends list have no attack limit .

A maximum of 10 spy probes can be used for the spy probe attack. The system will not allow any more.

If the player has a mission to attack or destroy any planet, they cannot send a fleet of loot from the galaxy with the last 15 seconds remaining

Up to 6 spy missions can be sent within 30 seconds.

4.1 Progressive attacks

You cannot attack the same player, alliance or in coordination with other players for 3 consecutive days, such attacks are considered malicious and progressive attacks. (Moon destruction attacks are not counted in this rule)

To prevent the player from going into vacation mode or teleporting the planet, and more than 3 hours of attack is prohibited.

Actions that prevent players from planetary leaps, fleet movements (such as serial espionage or probe attacks in the last 10 seconds during the attack) are prohibited.


An account is not allowed to obtain unfair resources from an account with a lower score than itself.

Boosting is not limited to this example, it includes sending unrequited resources from low-rated accounts to higher-rated accounts, as well as making their fleets profit through ruin by attacking higher-rated accounts.

A trade must be completed within 48 hours. In all exceptional cases (shipments due to ISS ruin sharing, premium payments and GD support), game operators should be informed via SUPPORT SYSTEM.

6. Bug (Program error) and Utility Usage

It is strictly forbidden to report a program error to be used for the benefit of a person or to be used intentionally. It is forbidden to use any interface or program between the player and the game (server).

Maliciousness that automatically generates information to gain advantage for a group of players the use of live programs is likewise prohibited.

7. Real-Life Threats

Hints or expresses to other players, team members, Global Ogame representatives or anyone related to a service of the game that they will be located; Any threat to real life, such as implying or expressing harm, is prohibited.

8. Insulting and Advertising Content

Insults, threats, insults, etc. Content messages are absolutely not allowed. The situation in question is not limited to messages and war interpretation, but also includes messages conveyed by changing the names of the planet and moon.

It is forbidden to send advertising messages, write war commentary, use planet or moon names.

9. Language

Game publishers reserve the right to exclude players who do not speak the native language of the country in which the game is hosted (Turkish) or who do not speak English (on the game, forum, social media and whatsapp channels).

10. Rule Violations

Any rule violation will be penalized for periods ranging from the account being warned to being permanently closed. The game operators decide the type and duration of the penalty, and the only persons to be contacted regarding penalties are game operators.

11. General Terms of Use

General Terms of Use are a whole with these rules and they are mutually supportive.

12. Long Term Vacation, Inactive and Field Accounts

Accounts that have not been active for 7 days are considered inactive accounts. Inactive accounts that have not been entered for 28 days and are in (Ii) mode may be closed or deleted by game operators.

Accounts deemed to be field accounts can be closed or deleted by game operators.

Accounts that have been in vacation mode for more than 28 days may be excluded, closed or deleted by game operators.

Even if the player's account has been in vacation mode for a long time, logging into the game at intervals of less than 28 days is enough to avoid being excluded from vacation.

After logging into the game, there is no need to leave vacation mode and go back to vacation mode.

In the process of resignation, the required information at least 24 hours in advance will be passed as an announcement within the game. Inactive accounts will not be notified via e-mail or other communication channels before being taken out of vacation mode. The only information channel is in-game announcements.

12.1 Accounts on Vacation

Accounts taken on vacation can be suspended after a minimum of 48 hours. Accounts that want to be taken out of vacation 48 hours before can only be taken out of vacation with KM. The account can be put into vacation mode at least 24 hours after being taken out of vacation

13. Rule Change

Gaming Operators reserve the right to change the rules at any time. The rule change is announced at least 24 hours in advance. The changed rule is valid from the date of change, and violations of the rule before the rule change do not require criminal action.

14. Dark Matter Supply

Your payments for dark matter supply will be considered as support and assistance to encourage project continuity. Payments made under the name of commercial activity are not accepted. (Do not write anything in the payment description!)

Accidental payments must be reported from the game's support within 24 hours before Dark matter is spent.